Public consultation regarding a proposed taxi tariff increase. This consultation closed on 9 November 2017 and you can view the decision.

This consultation ran from 26 October to 9 November 2017 and is now closed.

Consultation decision

Following this public consultation regarding a proposed taxi tariff increase, objections to the proposal were received. After due consideration of these, the decision has been made to make no modification to the current taxi tariff.

Proposed changes for consultation

Herefordshire Council licences and regulates taxi services in the county and sets the maximum fares that hackney carriages and private hire vehicles can charge.

Taxi fares (or tariffs) must cover the costs of operating a taxi in Herefordshire and remain a reasonable rate for the public to pay for the service.

Tariffs for Herefordshire were last reviewed in 2012. We reviewed the maximum fares to be charged from 2017/18 and proposed the following (current fares in brackets):

Tariff one Inclusive of VAT
For each journey not exceeding 690 metres £2.80 (£2.60)
For each subsequent 135 metres or part thereof £0.20 (£0.10)
Waiting time for each period of 20 seconds or part thereof £0.10 (£0.10)

View the hackney carriage fares document

If you have any queries about this consultation please contact or write to Taxi Licensing, Herefordshire Council, 8 St Owen Street, Hereford HR1 2PJ.

Published: Thursday, 26th October 2017