Consultation on active travel measures, part of the South Wye Transport Package. This consultation closed on 25 October 2016 and the results are available to view.

This consultation is closed. It ran from 14 September to 25 October 2016.

The aim of the South Wye Transport Package is to promote economic growth within Hereford while tackling specific problems in the South Wye area. The aim is to promote economic development by unlocking the barriers to economic growth, including land at the Hereford Enterprise Zone (HEZ).

The aim of the South Wye Transport Package is to:

  • Reduce congestion and delay
  • Enable access to developments such as the HEZ
  • Reduce the growth in emissions
  • Reduce traffic noise
  • Reduce accidents and
  • Encourage physical activity

What happens if we do nothing?

If nothing is done we expect increased congestion along the A465 as a result of economic growth with the following consequences:

  • Further severance within the community due to greater levels of traffic
  • Lower accessibility to public transport and less use of roads for walking and cycling resulting in less physical activity
  • Longer public transport journey times due to buses being stuck in greater queues
  • An increase in heavy goods vehicles creating more noise, air pollution and further reduction in perceived pedestrian and cyclist safety
  • Further social deprivation as a result of constrained economic and housing development

Package of measures

We have identified a number of possible elements that could address the problems in the South Wye area. One of these measures is a new Southern Link Road from the A49 Ross Road/Rotherwas Access Road roundabout to the A465 and the B4349 Clehonger Road. The delivery of the road will be complemented by a package of active travel measures and these elements cover many different transportation modes (including walking and cycling), strategies and interventions.


Planning application

In June 2016 the planning application for the South Wye Transport Package - Southern Link Road was determined and planning consent was granted on 18 July 2016.

View the Southern Link Road planning application


The consultation feedback was analysed and the recommendations for the next steps for the delivery of the South Wye Transport Package active travel measures were approved by Cabinet on 14 December 2017. View the decision details.

Keeping informed - Hereford 2020

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Published: Wednesday, 14th September 2016