Consultation on the draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) for Herefordshire - 5 March to midnight 4 May 2018

This consultation ran from 5 March to 4 May 2018 and is now closed.

Providers of local community pharmaceutical services have a crucial role to play in improving the health of local people. They are often the first point of contact, especially for those who might otherwise struggle to access health services. Improved use of the skills and abilities of community pharmacists, in particular, working in partnership with other service providers, will play an important part in achieving the strategic goals of the NHS.

The Health and Wellbeing Board has a statutory duty to assess needs for pharmaceutical services in its area and update the county’s Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.

The PNA records the assessment of the need for pharmaceutical services within a specific area. Therefore, the consultation document (draft PNA report) includes the pharmaceutical services which are currently provided, together with when and where they are available to a given population.

Local commissioning priorities are driven by the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, of which the PNA is a key component. The PNA is also a key tool for NHS England and local commissioners, to support the decision making process for pharmacy applications and to ensure that commissioning intentions for services that could be delivered via community pharmacies are followed through respective commissioners.

Reviewing the draft PNA report - have your say

The 60 day consultation provides an opportunity to help shape the future of pharmacy services in Herefordshire. We want to ensure that local pharmacies provide high quality services that people need and use, and we will continue to work with pharmacists, patients and customers to improve those services which need it. Please complete the questionnaire fully and accurately to ensure that the final PNA report is as accurate and comprehensive as possible, and that it can support you to benefit from excellent pharmacy services in Herefordshire.

View the full draft PNA report and or shorter executive summary and then complete the questionnaire below:

Contact details

If you have any queries about the survey please call the intelligence unit on 01432 261944 or email

All feedback received by the closing date will be collated for consideration by the Health and Wellbeing Board and a consultation report will be included within the final PNA document. This will provide an overview of the feedback received and set out how the comments have been acted upon.

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

The PNA for Herefordshire is undertaken in the context of the needs of the local population. Health and wellbeing needs for the local population are described in the Herefordshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).

Consultation 26 September to 12 November 2017

As the first stage in updating the PNA we conducted a survey in autumn 2017, asking for your views on the services provided by community pharmacists in the county, to make sure they meet your needs. Pharmacy services include: dispensing of medicines, promotion of healthy lifestyles and supporting self-care. The feedback from this survey was used to inform the next stage of the consultation process.

Published: Monday, 19th February 2018