Advice and support for buildings conservation

Listed buildings are buildings that are judged to be of national historical or architectural interest. These buildings are listed to protect them from demolition and unsympathetic alteration.

The legislative framework is the Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 and the National Planning Policy Framework.

Changes to listed buildings, including windows and doors

Any alterations or demolitions to a listed building, including those such as changes to windows or doors, or installing double glazing, are likely to require listed building consent. Even when you are considering replacing non historic windows or doors with something more appropriate to the period and design of your property it is still important to get advice about whether consent is required before going ahead with the work. 

Get advice before you start work

We can offer advice over the phone, or for more complex projects, a full pre-planning advice service to help ensure you are meeting local and national legislation requirements.

Please use the document below to find and contact your building conservation officer:

Download map of building conservation officers' areas and contact details

Pre-planning advice

We also offer a full pre-application service for listed building consent, with a review of plans, building materials and written responses.

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