Many services can now be requested or delivered online. If you don't have access to a computer, smart phone or tablet at home, you can use a public internet access point to go online for free.

The map below shows the locations in Herefordshire where you can access computers and the internet free of charge. As part of the login to the computer or wifi you will be presented with an agreement statement which includes a link to our privacy notice.

Most libraries in Herefordshire provide free access to computers and the internet. You will need your library card and PIN to book a computer or to use wifi. Visitors to the library are also welcome to use the computers.

View a list of free public access computers and wifi locations in Herefordshire


Map of free public access computers and wifi

Enter the place you wish to search for. The map will show the nearest public access computers and wifi to your chosen location. You may need to zoom out to see all options.

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