TravelFund grant

This grant is closed to applications.

Choose how you move TravelFund grant 2022 offered up to 100% funding for bikes for your business, as well as cycle stands for your employee, visitor and customer parking.

Here's a few examples of how a bike could be used on a day to day basis, and you may be able to think of other examples:

  • Popping to meetings
  • Heading out on site
  • Calling in at the post office
  • Doing the sandwich run

By cycling short journeys that would normally be made by car or van, your employees will be able to:

  • Save time and beat the traffic
  • Save on fuel costs
  • Get a breath of fresh air
  • Get active during the working day

Any Herefordshire business and organisations with paid employees could apply.

TravelFund grants are funded by the Department for Transport.


The purpose of the grant was to provide funding for:

  • Business bikes
  • Cycle parking stands

You couldn't apply for e-bikes through this round of TravelFund.


We were looking for the following outcomes.

If applying for a business bike:

  • Increasing the number of cycling journeys from your workplace

If applying for cycle stands:

  • Increasing the number of bikes parked at the workplace

If you received a grant, we asked you to keep records of use for three months. For example, for a business bike, you were asked to keep a record of mileage for three months.

Who could apply

Herefordshire businesses and other organisations with paid employees could apply. Your business must have been in operation for at least one year.

How much could you apply for?

You could apply for a grant of up to £1,500.

What could you apply for?

Your application could include:

  • Up to two bikes (each bike priced between £500 and £800 RRP - see guidance) plus accessories


  • Up to six cycle parking stands

We asked you to read the relevant guidance sheet before making an application:

Guide to business bikes

Guide to cycle parking

How to apply

The deadline to apply was Wednesday 6 July 2022.

We aimed to let you know the outcome of your application within four weeks.

What happened next?

When we received your application, we acknowledged receipt. Applications were assessed by an appraisal panel who considered how well the proposal meets the scheme purpose, outcomes and value for money.

Based on your application, and any further information you may have been asked to supply, the panel will make a decision and you will be advised of the result to either:

  • Offer a grant, or
  • Offer a grant with some specific conditions, or
  • Reject the application with an explanation

When can I purchase the bike and/or stands?

If we offer you a grant, we will write to you setting out how much funding we are prepared to offer and detailing any specific conditions. If you are happy to accept the grant offer and associated conditions, you will need to return a signed copy of the offer letter.

Once you have accepted the offer you can purchase your new bike and/or stands.

Please don't pay a deposit or purchase any equipment unless you have received and accepted a TravelFund grant offer letter. We cannot retrospectively fund anything that you have already purchased.

How is the grant paid?

You can claim the grant as soon as you have paid for and received the new bike and/or paid for and installed the new stands. You will need to complete a claim form and submit it with copies of paid invoices from your suppliers and copies of the relevant entries on your bank statement.

All items must be purchased and installed and claims submitted to Herefordshire Council by 24 August 2022.

Completion of grant

Within three months of installing the stands or taking possession of the new bikes(s) you will need to submit a short report, (a template will be provided), together with your log recording the usage (see 'outcomes' above).

Please help us to help future applicants by telling us if you have any queries which aren't answered on this page.

Support or further information

If you would like help to understand this page, or would like it in another format or language, please contact the Delegated Grants Team on 01432 260753 or email