Safer Communities Fund
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The scheme is now closed for applications.

Aim of scheme

Herefordshire Council has developed this grant scheme in partnership with the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia and West Mercia Police, in order to support new and existing projects that focus on early prevention, tackling the root causes of crime, vulnerability, exploitation and anti-social behaviour within the county, specifically focusing on children and young people.

Outputs and outcomes

Projects must meet the following mandatory outcome and a minimum of one other outcome from the list below.

Mandatory outcome

  • Increase in level 2 early help and team around the family support / activity that does not meet the threshold for targeted early help or statutory social care services.

Additional outcomes that projects could achieve:

  • Meet the needs of children and young people’s needs at the earliest point of presentation
  • Protect and improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people
  • Reduce levels of crime (both recorded and perceived)
  • Effective prevention of harm and exploitation to children and young people (and other vulnerable groups)
  • Reduce demand for reactive police and council response to incidents
  • Improve outcomes for recorded crimes
  • Improve relations between police, council and local communities
  • Improve sharing of information and intelligence between agencies to enable improved services
  • Improve pathways and opportunities for further future collaboration and cocommissioning
  • Improve public perceptions in respect of local crime, policing and local authority
  • Improve school attendance levels
Who can apply

The grant scheme is open to not for profit organisations across Herefordshire, including schools. Projects can be large or small and cover just one specific area or the whole county. Additional weighting will be added for projects delivering within Herefordshire's identified areas of deprivation.

What the grant or funding is for

You can apply for a grant to fund a wide range of activities including, but not limited to:

  • Events and activities
  • Support, mentoring, mediation
  • Educational activities
  • Access to training and / or employment
  • Activities that support improved mental health and wellbeing
  • Advocacy projects and activities

The grant can also cover the following costs as long as they are clearly linked to your project:

  • Staff salary costs linked to the project (including employer NI and pension contributions)
  • Project staff training costs
  • Overheads related to employing staff involved in delivering activities funded through the grant - capped at 15% of direct staff costs
  • Transport costs
  • Hiring of equipment / venue / rooms
  • Small items of equipment linked to the project up to £1500 per item.
  • Marketing and publicity costs including printing costs
  • Translation and interpreting services
  • Volunteer expenses
  • Participant incentives up to the value of £25 per person e.g. vouchers
  • Insurance costs specifically linked to the project
What the grant or funding cannot be used for

Funding cannot be used for: 

  • Purchases of items of equipment or assets (over £1500 per item)
  • Capital works, renovation or conservation projects
  • Purchase of alcohol
  • Contingency costs, loans, endowments or interest
  • Paying someone else to write your application for you
  • Profit-making or fundraising activities
  • VAT you can reclaim
  • Activities that promote religious beliefs
  • Statutory activities
  • Overseas travel or projects that take place outside of Herefordshire
  • Political activities
  • Activities that make profits for private gain
  • Gifts, or payments for gifts or donations (with the exception of incentives)
  • Expenses in respect of litigation, unfair dismissal or other compensation
  • Costs incurred by individuals in setting up and contributing towards private pension schemes
How much you can apply for

The minimum grant amount is £25,000 and the maximum is £300,000.

How to apply

The fund is now closed to new applications.

Before applying please read the grant information leaflet for the full details about the grant and contact the Talk Community Team to discuss your project. This will enable us to ensure that projects are joined up and linked to existing resources: 

You should include the following documents with your application:

  • Project costs spreadsheet and quotes
  • Your organisation's constitution
  • A recent redacted bank statement
  • Equalities policy
  • Safeguarding policy

Email your completed application form and documents to stating Safer Communities Fund in the subject heading.

An information event for potential applicants was held on the 23 October.
View the presentation from the event.

Further information

View our Safer Communities Fund FAQs which we will update regularly.