Herefordshire Business E-bike and E-Cargo Bike grant scheme

The scheme is now closed to applications.

About the scheme

We are offering funding to support the purchase of electric bikes and electric cargo bikes for business use.


The aims of the grant scheme are to:

  • Promote and encourage low carbon transport solutions
  • Reduce traffic and improve air quality
  • Help reach the carbon neutrality target by 2030.
  • Reduced fuel charges and vehicle maintenance charges to individual businesses and organisations
  • Support healthier travel choices for local workforce


Outcomes to be achieved through the grant scheme are:

  • Increase in e-bike mileage
  • Increase in e-bike journeys
  • Reduction in car/van journeys

What the grant can be used for

You can apply for a grant to fund:

  • E-bike(s) suitable for urban cycling
  • E-cargo bike(s)
  • E-bike accessories (required for all bikes)

The e-bike or e-cargo bike must be used for business purposes.

Examples include:

  • Travelling to meetings with clients, suppliers etc.
  • Travel between sites
  • Delivery services

E-bikes may additionally be used to commute to and from work if the business chooses to allow this. Consideration must be given to insurance requirements to cover employees using the bikes, and any tax implications.

Please read the E-bike and E-cargo bike Guidance sheet for information on how to choose an e-bike or e-cargo bike, including full specification and requirements.

Items which are NOT eligible

The grant will not fund e-bikes or e-cargo bikes which:

  • Will be used mainly for commuting
  • Do not meet the requirements set out in the E-bike and E-cargo bike guidance
  • Are not currently available from your chosen supplier

How much you can apply for

The maximum amount of grant that can be applied for is £5,000 during the life-time of the scheme. 

The grant will fund 100% of the eligible costs up to the maximum grant limit.

  • If the applicant is VAT registered: any grant offer will be for the cost of the item(s) excluding VAT. 
  • If the applicant is not VAT registered: the grant can pay the cost of the item(s) including the VAT. 

Who can apply

Applications will be accepted from businesses of all sizes, including sole traders, and other organisations with paid employees.

  • Businesses must have been in operation for at least 1 year.
  • Applicants must have workplace premises in Herefordshire, and must plan to use the e-bike or e-cargo bike within Herefordshire.
  • Private sector businesses will be prioritised. Charities and public sector organisations will be considered where demand and benefit can be demonstrated.
  • Priority will be given to those who haven’t previously received a Herefordshire Council grant for an e-bike.

Deadline for applications

Applications must be received by Wednesday 1 December 2021

We recommend that you apply as early as possible and do not wait until the deadline as funding is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  

The scheme closes on 4 March 2022 so all grant funding awarded must be claimed by this date.

What happens next?

Once received, Herefordshire Council will acknowledge receipt of your grant application. The grant application will be assessed by a project panel who will make recommendations either for the application to be approved or rejected, or the panel may ask for further information before a decision can be made. 

Grant applications are assessed on their individual merit by an independent panel against the grant funding eligibility criteria, the impact of the project and that it demonstrates value for money.  All applications are subject to funding availability.

Based on your application and any further information you may have been asked to provide, we will advise you of the decision to either:

  • Offer a grant; or
  • Offer a grant with some specific conditions; or
  • Reject the application detailing the reasons why the application was not accepted.

We aim to process your application within six weeks.

When you can purchase the items

If your application meets the eligibility criteria and you are offered a grant, you will receive an offer letter setting out how much grant has been approved and detailing any specific terms and conditions. 

If you are happy to accept the grant offer and associated conditions, you will need to return a signed copy within seven working days. 

You may then purchase the items included in your grant offer.

Grant offer terms and conditions

If you are offered a grant, you will be sent terms and conditions specific to your project. 

Key points to consider are:

  • You should not purchase any items until you have signed the acceptance of grant and returned to the Delegated Grants Team. 
  • You should keep all paperwork relating to your project. I.e. all invoices, receipts and bank statements. 
  • Information relating to user feedback and progress towards the outputs of your project should also be kept.
  • The grant will only be paid on invoices or receipts that have been defrayed, and are dated after the offer letter has been agreed by all parties.
  • Other specific conditions of grant will be included within your offer letter.

How to submit your claim for payment

All funded work must be completed and claims submitted by the deadline date specified in your offer letter.

You can claim the grant payment as soon as you have completed your project e.g. installed new facility or equipment and paid for it.

To do this, you will need to complete a grant claim form, and send it to the Delegated Grants Team with copies of all paid invoices from suppliers. The claim form will be sent to you with your offer letter.

When you need to submit your report

You will need to complete a short report three months after claiming your grant, summarising what your project has achieved. You will be asked to record the amount of mileage and number of journeys achieved on the bike. Your offer letter will set out the information that you need to collect and provide to the council.

Further information

Please help us to help future applicants, by telling us if you have any queries which aren’t answered in this document.

If you would like help to understand this document, or would like it in another format or language, please contact the Delegated Grants Team at Herefordshire Council on 01432 260753 or email:

Businesses and organisations can register with Herefordshire Council's Travel for Work network to be kept informed about future sustainable travel grant schemes from Herefordshire Council.