About the Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise by the nation that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, will be treated fairly.

The covenant has five aims, to:

  • Encourage local communities to support the Armed Forces communities in their areas
  • Nurture public understanding and public awareness of the issues affecting the Armed Forces community
  • Recognise and remember the sacrifices faced by the Armed Forces community
  • Encourage activities which help to integrate the Armed Forces community into local life
  • Encourage the Armed Forces community to help and support the wider community

The Covenant for Herefordshire was signed on 29 May 2012 by the Armed Forces community, Armed Forces charities and representatives from the public, private and community sectors. Brigadier Mark Banham, MBE, who was Commander 143 (West Midlands) Brigade, the late Councillor Olwyn Barnett, who was Herefordshire Council chairman, and Lady Darnley, the Lord-Lieutenant of Herefordshire, were among those who signed.

Who is involved?

Supporting the Armed Forces, CMTG, High Town, HerefordshireHerefordshire Council is a member of the Herefordshire Armed Forces Covenant Partnership (HAFCP). This is a cross-sector partnership, which is responsible for implementing the Herefordshire Armed Forces Covenant Action Plan. It is chaired by Councillor Barry Durkin, the elected Armed Forces Champion.

As well as facilitating the partnership, in July 2020 Herefordshire Council was awarded ERS Gold, under the MoD's Employer Recognition Scheme, as part of their ongoing commitment as an armed forces friendly employer.

HAFCP has enabled a number of major projects and funding opportunities to support the county's Armed Forces community. As well as having a strategic overview, HAFCP has topic areas which address key areas of need. These include: housing, health and well-being, mental health, education, training and employment. These areas of work are linked to an action plan underpinned by an Armed Forces Community Assessment.

Download the Executive summary of Herefordshire Armed Forces Community Assessment

Or to request the full document, email hafc@herefordshire.gov.uk

Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust provides funding support to those leaving the Armed Forces and helps integrate military and civilian communities through local projects and activities. For those considering applying to the Trust for a local project, please contact us for further support at hafc@herefordshire.gov.uk

Contact us

If you would like to know about the work of the HAFCP please contact us at: hafc@herefordshire.gov.uk