Care leavers' share foundation

A Junior ISA is a long-term savings account set up by a parent or guardian with a Junior ISA provider, specifically for a child's future. Only the child can access the money, and only once they turn 18.

The government has contributed £200 for each eligible looked after young person to open a Junior ISA.

The Share Foundation sets up and manages the Junior ISAs for all looked after children. The Share Foundation also raises funds which it contributes to the Junior ISAs that it manages.

At 18 you are entitled to access the funds. You can then choose, for example, whether to invest in a regular ISA or draw out the money. If you make no decision the Junior ISA will automatically become an adult ISA in your name.

Your personal advisor will be able to help you decide what to do and help you to access the money if that is what you decide to do.

Find out more about Sharefound – The Share Foundation which invests and looks after your ISA.