Business, investment and development opportunities

Construction started on the site at Rotherwas in autumn 2013, and five years on, Skylon Park has welcomed 37 new companies and more than £16m investment in construction alone.

Investors include businesses from outside of Herefordshire and also those located within the county which need further space to grow and create more jobs.

The total Zone workforce of 635 includes 288 new jobs created by these businesses as part of their location and expansion on the Zone.

As well as promoting inward investment, supporting the growth and development of local businesses continues to be a hugely important part of this project, to encourage long term, sustainable benefit to Herefordshire’s economy.

Enterprise Zones were created by the Government to attract both new companies as well as high growth businesses looking to expand, offering simplified planning rules and super-fast broadband. Hereford Enterprise Zone, Skylon Park, was designated by the Government as one of 48 Enterprise Zones in 2012, designed to boost local growth and create jobs.

New developments on Skylon Park

Two major new projects are currently underway on Skylon Park: