Domestic bonfires

In cases where smoke is causing an immediate danger, for example to people or a hazard to traffic, please call the emergency services.

Having a bonfire in your garden can cause disturbance to neighbours from the smoke, smell and ash. You have a responsibility to ensure that the bonfire is not causing a nuisance to your neighbours. In most cases you can sort out issues with bonfires by talking to your neighbours. If you cannot resolve the matter, we can investigate bonfire complaints.

Trade or industrial bonfires

It is an offence to cause dark or black smoke from any trade or industrial premises, unless we have previously authorised it. It is also illegal to burn most stubble, apart from certain types of crop.

Report a bonfire causing a disturbance

For a persistent nuisance problem caused by smoke or bonfires, contact us:

  • Online: Contact us form
  • Address: Environmental Health and Trading Standards, Herefordshire Council, Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0LE