Report a business or venue which is not Covid-19 secure

Before you report an issue

There are frequent updates to government guidelines to meet the changing situation in the coronavirus pandemic.

Before you report an issue please make sure you've read and understood what you can and can't do. Government guidance sets out:

Herefordshire Council are working with businesses and venues to make sure they follow coronavirus (Covid-19) government guidance and regulations.

Report a concern about individuals or groups

The online form below is only for reporting local businesses or venues within Herefordshire.

If you wish to report an issue of individuals and groups of people not complying with coronavirus (Covid-19) instructions please contact West Mercia Police or call the Police via 101. Examples include: social distancing/gatherings, wearing of face coverings.

Report a concern about a business or venue

If you are concerned that a business or venue is not following the Government's guidance and regulations, and is therefore not Covid-19 secure, then we would like to hear from you.

When you contact us you can remain anonymous. If you choose to provide your name and contact details so we can contact you for more information we will do this in strictest confidence.

Report a business or venue which is not Covid-19 secure

How we can respond

To carry out the new Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations:

  • Herefordshire Council regulatory services and West Mercia Police have been working closely to address concerns about coronavirus (Covid-19) non-compliance
  • Local authority environmental health and trading standards officers are usually responsible for enforcing regulations around the closure of businesses
  • Your concerns will be passed to the duty officer for Herefordshire who will investigate concerns and engage with businesses and venues as necessary, working with Police colleagues where appropriate