Covid-19 support for farms

If you have a positive case within your workforce, any questions on latest guidance, or require further support please contact our Outbreak Control Hub on 01432 383799 or email 

We know how challenging the last 12 months have been for Herefordshire farms. This is an exceptionally difficult year for you, your business, your employees, your customers and indeed your family. Whilst the future remains uncertain, we aim to do everything we can to ensure that the economic and social conditions for recovery are as strong as possible.

Where there are local outbreaks of Covid-19, we must act promptly and effectively to contain them – or the infection may spread again, putting lives at risk. If those outbreaks involve large numbers of people, it may be necessary to close down buildings or wider locations in order to halt the spread of the infection.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): information for farmers, landowners and rural businesses

We have set up an Outbreak Control Hub - a multi-disciplinary team, comprising experienced Public Health, Health, Social Care and Environmental Health professionals. This team will work to prevent infection, contain outbreaks and implement protective measures.

It is really important to emphasise that particular measures will only be taken where it is absolutely necessary to do so - and we will need your full support when these situations occur.

Guidance for employers

Guidance for seasonal workers travelling to the UK

Resources for farms and farmworkers

Download the Farm Preventative Pack including posters in various languages