Faster broadband is being rolled out across Herefordshire and Gloucestershire by the Fastershire broadband project. From a starting point in 2012 of only 0.6 percent of premises in Herefordshire with superfast broadband (30Mbps and above), there are now over 93 percent of premises, based on independent figures from Think Broadband.

To check availability and future plans for individual premises visit the Fastershire website.

Fastershire is a partnership between Herefordshire Council, Gloucestershire County Council and national Government. This is part of our commitment to the digital transformation of Herefordshire, which is vital for the future of our local economy and those who live and work in our communities.

Fastershire is not just about technology. The project also includes social and digital inclusion activities, and an extensive business support programme, designed to help small and medium size businesses get the most from fibre broadband and be more competitive.

The programme is being delivered in phases with the follow objectives:

  • Coverage - to continue to increase superfast broadband coverage across Herefordshire and Gloucestershire through a mixture of contracts and grants, opting for Gbps capable or full-fibre broadband where value for money allows
  • Inclusion - to support residents and businesses to make the most of the broadband network through skills training, awareness raising and enabling community-led schemes
  • Innovation - to continuously drive innovation in addressing the ambitions of broadband coverage in working with partners, funders, suppliers and the community
  • Monitoring - to ensure the maximum results from the work of suppliers by monitoring the contracts and driving value for money in deployments
  • Partnerships - to work productively with suppliers, parish and town councils on effective communications, with local authority departments to co-ordinate the approach to deployment, and planning authorities to ensure new premises have broadband connectivity

For individual queries please email