The budget till receipt shows how we propose to allocate funds from the council's portion of a Council Tax bill, for an average Band D property in 2019-20.

Image of budget till receipt


Herefordshire Council

Charges per month (average Band D property) 2019/20

Daily life
Bin collections and Environment 13.72
Roads, bridges and care of public spaces 7.21
Schools and education 98.13
Buses and community transport 6.39
Libraries, records and customer services 1.30
Looking after adults
Older People in residential / nursing care 13.38
Older people supported at home 9.24
Disabled adults 27.76
Lifestyles services (substance abuse, sexual health) 2.64
Health improvement (Public Health nursing, health checks, smoking cessation)      5.61
Housing 0.52
Looking after children
Child protection 3.75
Children in care 12.87
Children with special needs 3.28
Local government running costs
Election, governance and legal services 3.24 
Directors & Staff costs 0.65
Organisational administration 1.41
IT, Transactions and billing (Hoople) 5.19
Insurance and property maintenance 5.08
Capital finance - Debt repayment 7.83
Capital finance - Interest payments 10.24
Economic growth
Economic development and regeneration 1.27
Broadband - rural rollout 0.13
Planning 0.35
Other income to supplement council tax
Investment Property income -2.91
Car parking -5.36
Capital finance - Interest received -2.01
Public Health grant  -7.70
National Education funding -96.98
TOTAL TO PAY (per month)  £126.23