Attending a service at Herefordshire cemeteries or crematorium

Bereavement services are working hard to maintain the reverence and respect due to both the deceased and the bereaved. In an attempt to manage this during the current coronavirus outbreak and following government guidance we advise that:

  • Pre-funeral and post-funeral ceremonies may be held in line with the current government guidance on managing a funeral
  • Caution regarding social distancing is still advised
  • We request the wearing of face coverings within the crematorium building
  • Mourners who are clinically or extremely clinically vulnerable may attend a service, although we advise that careful thought be given by families as to the safety of this
  • Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should follow government guidance

The funeral director and officiant overseeing the funeral arrangements will also be able to provide advice on the most recent guidance.

In order to comply with these guidelines we have put the following in place:

Hereford Crematorium

  • The crematorium chapel can seat 120 mourners, with allowance for those who still wish to proceed with caution regarding social distancing. All mourners are to be seated
  • The crematorium chapel operates a one way flow system
  • We request the wearing of face coverings within the crematorium building
  • We request the wearing of face coverings during activities such as singing, chanting and those requiring raised voices
  • The waiting room is open to mourners
  • The public toilets next to the chapel are open and we advise all mourners to use the hand washing facilities before and after attending a service
  • Webcasting facilities are available for family and friends who are unable to attend. You can discuss these arrangements with the funeral director


  • While social distancing measures are no longer mandatory we do still advise caution

Your understanding of the situation is greatly appreciated so that we can continue to help all families at this time.

For further information please contact your funeral director directly or bereavement services on 01432 383200.

The government's full guidance on managing a funeral during the coronavirus pandemic provides more detail.